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Kiddie Jazz Club program explores the culture, history, and sounds of Jazz and Jazz music. We help kids understand important musical concepts and learn about innovative artists who paved the way for jazz to flourish and develop as a unique art form to this day.

The program focuses on these three ideals – to motivate, educate and nourish the kids:

  1. We aim to motivate children into the core of music. Jazz is a powerful form of music which requires heart and mind coordination. Jazz music is basically formed from improvisation and the heart’s intuition.
  2. We aim to educate children on the musical instruments associated to the spectrum of sounds they hear from all types of music, especially Jazz.
  3. We aim to nourish young, aspiring Jazz Musicians into learning how to play a certain musical instrument, applying themselves to it and growing from it.

At kiddie Jazz Club we strive to provide fun and quality jazz music education to today’s youth. You can support our mission to allow our young jazz musicians follow their dreams.

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